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Call Soft
Voice mail and fax software for Windows

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An advanced, yet simple-to-use voice mail and fax software for your home or business. All the features you'd expect are supported: multiple configurable mailboxes, faxing, ability to block telemarketers, call monitoring and logging, Caller ID with pop-ups and voice alerts, customizable and personalized greetings, and conversation recording. Call Soft can notify you of a call by E-mail, pager or calling another phone. There are several remote options such as have your E-mail read to you, run a program and eavesdrop just to name a few. Lastly, Call Soft looks just as great as it works!

31 day full functioning trial.

We offer two voice and fax software applications, Call Soft and Call Soft Pro.

Quick features list

Voice mail

Caller ID popup's and speech alerts for screening

Block unwanted callers

Automatically detect and receive faxes

Send faxes

Speaker phone


Create personal greetings for any caller

Remote retrieval of message

Interacts with your Windows address book

Call notification via E-mail, pager

Call notification via LAN or telephone.


Up to 2000 mailboxes


Create interactive menus for routing or information


Direct known callers to specific mailboxes


Each mailbox has it own notification rules and methods


Call forward


Fax on demand


Distinctive Ring


Call Scheduler


Automatically backs up all calls, logs and mailboxes. Restore function also included.


Call Scheduler (calls multiple people to deliver a message)







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