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Call Soft

What is it?

Call Soft is a computer-based replacement to your home answering machine. It serves as a voice answering machine, speaker phone with fax, and enables you to dial phone calls from your PC. Call Soft works best if you've subscribed to a CallerID service. By entering friends and family into the program's phone book, Call Soft helps you prepare individualized greetings for each. Further, you can attach nicknames to these callers for easier identification, and even have the program sound special rings. Because Call Soft utilizes CallerID, it can automatically hang-up on telemarketers and other unwanted callers. Even better, you can prepare special "buzz off" type greetings for them.

You may be amazed with all of the options Call Soft has to offer. If you'd rather not record greetings, you can use the program's text-to-speech capabilities to do the answering for you. The computer-generated voice is also available to announce calls. While you're away from the computer, Call Soft can notify you of calls by paging, e-mailing (with message attached as an MP3 file) or even contacting your cell phone number. You can set certain times and days of the week when it's acceptable for the program to notify you. A cool feature is that you can actually contact Call Soft yourself to hear messages.

Call Soft automatically records information on calls, and even monitors the duration and cost of long distance calls. Access to Call Soft and its settings may be password protected.

Call Soft operates in the Microsoft Windows environment and conforms to standard Microsoft Windows conventions. If you are already familiar with Windows, then Call Soft's look and feel will be familiar to you. If you aren't, you'll find Call Soft fun and easy to learn.


Compare to Call Soft Pro

  • Answering machine.
  • Send / Receive faxes.
  • Speakerphone.
  • Talking Caller ID announce.
  • Normalizing. Automatically maximize the volume of messages.
  • Hear caller leaving a message.
  • Toll Saver
  • Speaks using windows speech (available on our download page).
  • Associate cryptic caller ID information with friendly names you provide.
  • Greeting Scheduling.
  • Create personal greetings for friends and family.
  • Create multiple default greetings for callers that do not have a personal greeting assigned to them.
  • Audible and visual notification of incoming calls.
  • Track long distance calls and cost.
  • Forward caller information to multiple pagers and E-mail address. In the case of E-mail you can optionally send any message a caller has left' as an MP3 attachment.
  • Save any message in MP3 format.
  • Hot key dialer. This lets you define a hot key that, when invoked, will dial the highlighted text in any application.
  • Allow callers to page you directly i.e. they can leave a message or page you immediately by entering their number.
  • Check messages from another phone. If you have speech ability Call Soft will say who called, from what number and when.
  • Block solicitors or other undesirable callers.
  • Password protection.
  • Can minimize to your system tray.
  • Simple CSV import utility.
  • TAPI Compliant.


Pentium 133 mhz or higher.
32 megabytes of RAM.
Windows 98,ME,2000 or XP.
5 megabytes of disk space.
Voice modem.
Sound card.


callsoft2312.exe 6.1 megabytes
31 day full functioning trial.

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