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Call Soft vs Call Soft Pro

Feature   Call Soft Pro   Call Soft

Answering Machine



Caller ID



Send/Receive fax


Can send multiple documents




Control volume and mic gain




With groups


Run as a service



Dialer including speed dialing and hot key



Personal greetings



Audible/Visual notification of incoming calls



Check messages from another phone


Fast forward/rewinding of messages


Hang up on unwanted callers


instant call block button




Microsoft speech 4 and 5


Microsoft speech 4 only

Record conversations



Toll saver



Import from your Windows address book



Manually or automatically save messages in mp3 format


E-mail notification with mp3



Send caller ID to users on a LAN



Answer on ring based on a specific day or time of day.




Call another phone and play a message that was just taken



Record greetings remotely



Record all incoming calls






Create a message tree where a caller can
move around and retrieve specific information



Call forwarding



Distinctive ring



Fax on demand



Send multiple fax documents at once



Call scheduler



Instantly lookup caller via the Web



Forward faxes to another number upon request



Execute a program remotely



Perform numerous functions with tones the caller sends


Ability to receive a fax even if you answer the phone on another extension only to hear a fax machine



Automatically backs up all critical files, including messages and faxes, daily,



Ability to test your mailboxes without having to actually call



Hold and optionally music on hold



Self diagnostic utility. Wondering what happened during a call? Right click on any call and select "What happened"






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