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New features in Call Soft Pro v3.1

  • New pull down menu and tool bar buttons you can move and resize to suit you.
  • Automatically backs up all critical Call Soft files as they change. This allows you to restore calls you may have deleted or recover from some failure. You can also merge previous days with your current call list.
  • Skins.
  • Answer on ring based on time of day or a particular day.
  • Your not held hostage to just using wave files or speech instead you can use either or both anywhere sound or speech is used. You can even use wave files and speech together. That's right play wave file, speak, play wave file etc. We call this Play or Say.
  • Along with a mailboxes access code you can also optionally specify an access code to the previous mailbox. This allows caller's to "go back".
  • Right click on a call and select "What Happened?". This will tell you precisely what happened during the call in an easy to understand format. For example Why a call was answered on a particular ring, why a particular mailbox was used , why notifications where/not sent etc.
  • Send caller ID or notification of a call to individuals, groups or entire people on your LAN.
  • Choose the format of how mailbox names are displayed. For example you can optionally show the mailboxes name, access code, access code to previous mailbox and number of messages.
  • In places where sound or speech are played through your computers speakers you can optionally specify a unique volume level for each.
  • Optionally play or say a ring sound starting on a particular ring.
  • Make a mailbox exclusively active. This forces all calls to it until you make it not exclusive.
  • Hold and music on hold added.
  • Remembers people you sent a fax to so you can easily send to them again.
  • Direct a call in progress to a specific mailbox. For example if your talking to someone and want to "put them to voice mail" simply right click on the mailbox and select the option.
  • View faxes as they arrive using an enhanced fax viewer.
  • View all your faxes at once.
  • Optionally play an alternate sound through your computers speakers when a mailbox is entered. This is good for sending an audio alert.
  • Internally test a caller calling without having to actually call.
  • Status bar that shows important information at a glance.
  • Play or don't play a beep after a greeting and after recording.
  • Several new remote options added.



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