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Speech Stuff

Professional Voices

Click here for professional voices.

Microsoft speech
version 5

Click here to get speech version 5

Microsoft speech
version 4 Files

You only need these if using Windows 9x, ME or 2000 or not using Call Soft Pro. If using Windows XP and Call Soft Pro you do not need these files simply select version 5 from the speech tab in setup.

In order for Call Soft to produce speech, you will need the Microsoft speech API and, at least, 1 speech engine. If you are using Windows XP and Call Soft Pro you only need to select version 5 from the speech tab in setup. If using Call Soft or Windows 9x, ME or 2000 and Call Soft is unable to speak download the speech API and speech engine below. With speech, Call Soft not only can talk through your computers speakers, but through your phone as well. For example when you call home to check your messages, Call Soft will tell you who called, when and from what number (assuming you have callerID).

  1. Click here to get the speech API. You need to do this first. After downloading run it then get at least one speech engine below.
  2. Get a at least one of these speech engines. After downloading these files run them. They will install automatically.
    *Click here to get the Mike speech engine (MSTTSM22L.EXE 2.3mb).
    *Click here if you want the Mary speech engine (MSTTSA22L.EXE 5.2mb). Sounds a bit better than Mike.
  3. Afterwards go to the speech tab, in Call Soft's setup, and enable speech. If you still have trouble reboot and try again.








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